Friday, November 16, 2012

~ ~ Many  Thanks ~~

As summer has sank into the west.
Now fall will join it soon.  Mornings are in the 20's.
Warming up some through the day, but not to that warm stage.

I so LOVE Christmas.  Not just because we celebrate the birth
of our Lord.  Not just for gift getting and giving.
It is like everything is fresh and renewed.  Most are in a special
frame of mind.

I believe I have been trying too hard to make it an
easy transition into the Holiday that I have
beaten, overlooked and made myself go a little 

Yesterday I told myself I needed to relax.
As Dr. Phil says....
How's that working for you?

Well......It wasn't.
So I am trying a new approach.   

What is it you say?
May I borrow it too?
I'm not sure what it will be.  I know it will deal with
a paper tablet and pencil. 
(so I can erase many changes.) 

Yesterday went really well and I got so much done
after work.  Started making a Christmas gift ...
And got it done.


This is a new new day.
One that the Lord has made.
I will rejoice in it.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sunshine on my Shoulder

Today is a very SUNNY but COLD day.

I had no grands to watch today and yesterday.
So I thought.  My youngest daughter called and asked
if I could watch her 3 year old. (yesterday)  He had a fever and not feeling
well.  I said yes.  Even tho I had the day planed to do so many "ME" things. 
I was sad but I also love to help out with the little grands.
And beside....When I said Hi.. he started to cry.  Wanting
me to comfort him with cuddles and love. My heart went out to him.

When I picked him up he said
"Grandma I'm much better"
Me: Do you want me to take you to school?   
Him: No I want to go to your house.
And so off we went with him and his 2 chi dogs.
My Grand dogs.  One peed on me because she also
loves to go to Grandma's.

As the day went on he started feeling worse.
Fever rose and at the end of the evening I got 
thrown up on. 

Not the day I had planned.
But I made it. Now I'm listening to
my body to see if I get the flu.
I hope not.  I had a cold last weekend that kicked
me and I am still under the weather.

I think I'll enjoy some Sunshine, read a book and get
back to the cleaning later.

Keep in good health my Friends. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cooler Day

I've been waiting all summer for these to bloom.
And now I can enjoy them. 
The "blue moon"  was such a delight.

 The summer burn ban has been lifter and our pit
fires have returned.

I even found some sap dripping out of one of our fur trees.

I would say fall is in full swing.  I have watched trees change colors in the past 2 weeks and now they are dropping their leaves.
Fall is moving along too quick.

Any guesses on what our winter will bring?
I have no idea at all.  The summer was so hot and lasted so long I'll just have to wait and see.  

Enough of the cold memories.

Go out and enjoy this beautiful
art from God.

Till next time.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Capture the Heron


I visit my mother at her apartment and we like to check out the pond to see what kind of water fowl might be visiting for the day. The one we like to see the most is the Blue Heron.

While it rests to the side of the bank we check it out first.
When it senses us near it will take that ever so slow walk away and hide.

The other day I was able to capture it before it left the pond.
Although it did see me and turned away, it took me 3 tries to get
some good pictures.  Hiding by the house to sneak a picture of a bird found me laughing to myself.

 Doesn't it look like he's looking at me and saying "Not Again"
                          This is my sneak attack standing by the house.

And at last he headed to the far side of the pond.  I felt it was time to let him rest till the next time I plan my attack.

Maybe a tripod will help to get a closer pic.  So hard to hold the camera still and hope to get a clear shot.

It was a good day to be birdwatching. 

Maybe I'll capture him dancing on the ice next time.

God Bless.

Monday, September 3, 2012

What a day.

I'm ready to get in my very soft and cozy bed.
It has been a relaxing Labor day in  our house.
Although I did go to work for a few this morning.

Today is trash day.  They pick up even CHRISTMAS.
Can you believe that?

I had one more bag to throw in before they came.  What's that  I hear?
The sound of the truck right outside.  I quickly throw on shorts over my nighgown
slip on a jacket and off I go.  Well Hubby didn't take it out last night so I
ran back up to the house to grab the can.  Pushed it into the street so he wouldn't
take off without seeing it.  All went well.  He picked it up and I grabbed  my can,
turned around and fell right smack in the street.  OUCH!

Not only did I feel dumb .....but it hurt. 

I came in and lick my scrapes and sobbed a few tears and went back to 
making my sleeping family fresh banana muffins.

After work I allowed myself a little nap.  Gaining energy for 

I hadn't done this for a long while so I had to brush up on the process.
I must say it went well except one jar lost a lid and made a small mess in 
the cooker.  Not too bad for the way the day started out.

I am feeling a little sore.  I don't want to know how I'm going to feel in the morning.

So off to bed and hope I can move after being still for a few hours.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fall is in the air


Last night my hubby called me outside to see a surprise plant growing in our compost.  
What can you see?

Do you see something that looks like rabbit ears?

After my Amaryllis didn't bloom last year my hubby
put it in the compost pile.  Yep stuck on top of all the dirt, coffee
grounds, egg shells and whatever else, it's growing.
So now the question is, will it grow inside or not?
Will it bloom or not?  Do I cut it back?  I'll have to 
ask my friend that has a nursery.

Growing anything in the garden this year was a task.  
With all the heat and lack of rain things just came to a standstill.
The darkest patch is a pumpkin growing.  We have a few and 
they are very small.  But if they grow our grand kids will
each have one this fall.

These guys are still very small, but with the help
of Gods rain, we will enjoy some color of fall. 

Go out and enjoy the blessings. 



Well we had our "Blue Moon" last night.  I did manage to take a few pictures.

I don't know why I'm up so early today.  I could go back to sleep.  I've got
tomatoes  to can today.  The first time in a long time I have had enough to can at 
the same time.  I can't pass this up.  I look over my shoulder and it's still dark.  But my mind
is calling
C O F F E E.


SEPTEMBER sounds so much a part of "summer is over".

I have this thing with my Hoosier body and mind.  When it is time for a season to change I
just fall into it.  If the weather isn't in that place I still feel the change of the season within.
I don't think I could manage to live in another State that didn't have the change of our 
4 seasons.  I love the change of each blessing it brings.  I've
seen 2 trees that have started to change colors.

~let it begin~

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Take a deep breath....
now breath.

Oh my today is one of those days.
Babysat my grandson last night.  Picked him up from daycare and all went well.  Until...I found worms in his stool.

Have you ever had this problem?
Not me and I've been a mother for 32 years and a grandmother for 8 years.  Never even knew 
children could get worms.

And this is the poor little guy.
So this morning I started cleaning everything he
touched with bleach water.   Washing bedding and anything he played on. 


The toilet overflowed.  Now more laundry to
wash and dry.  :( 

We have had this problem from time to time, But 
not for a long time.  At least I have the morning
to get things cleaned up and call for advice on the 
worm problem.

I think I can..I think I can.
I know I can.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Time to relax or time to play?

I haven't had any time off work for so long I 

can't remember when the last time was.  More

then 7 years I do believe.


Can you guess it's going to be all about me?

Enough with the caps.


I've been so busy that things have piled up for ...

yes....7 years.  I'm taking time of to

throw, donate and stash away.  And that takes

T I M E.


You say not a good vacation!  But oh how my Soul,

Heart and Mind will feel when it is all organized.


I have Faith that it is a good choice.  

I finely found the camera that was best for me and 

it came in Wednesday.  I will be playing around with that too.

And maybe trying to figure out picmonkey.  I played with

these pics but when I went to grab them the changes

were gone.  More work to do.  And yes I saved it.  :)

Where or where did they get saved?  Again I must have

leaped before I LOOKED.



Till next time...HUGS. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Good Sunny Morning Friends

I am still at the same weight as 2 days ago.  But the Fluff
around the middle doesn't feel as tight.  HAHA

I've been good at what I eat.  I did have some ice cream last
night.  But it was a small bowl.  REALLY!

(my true confection) 

I have been proud of myself in getting more done on my 
"TO DO" 
 list.  I find if I write it down it makes me keep up
with all that is most important.   
I LOVE to see them checked off.

A week ago Monday 2 of my 3 daughters and I went to a zoo up North.
Oh yes...we took their boys.  I walked for over 4 hrs.  I didn't feel too tired
till the next day.  Like a hangover.  Not bad, just felt I had lost some energy.  
Lagging in pep.  In this pic. we were on the Indiana Farm life.  I was welcoming 
you all to my house.  I know.  It's fun to be silly.

Isn't this Peacock  BEAUTIFUL.
He just strutted himself for all to see.  Calling for his mate to
come and see how very sharp he looked.
We had a great family time.  Wish we would have had someone take of pic of us all.
Off to another GREAT last day of Summer.
When you plant a seed of Love,
it is you that blossoms. 
God bless your day. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Thinks I can't control

Do you have things in your life that seem out of control?
I dedicated my younger years to raising my 3 girls.
I loved it every minute.  When life gave you one challenge.. 
you took care of it.  Maybe longer to find out how to, but it always worked out.  Then came another one. (laughing)

Things just always worked.

At this time I could also eat whatever I wanted.
hum hum....
Not anymore.  I have put on 34 lbs since my first child.
They say you add 1 pound for every year you are out of school.
She turned 32 this July.  I noticed 7 years ago I was putting weight on in the middle.  Upper tummy and tummy.  I think about it every day....but do nothing about it.  I'm not fat...but have body fat.

I guess this is my confession to myself and anyone that reads this blog.  Which isn't much.  I don't blog much or exercise much or practice my harp playing because I find myself wrapped up in taking care of others....still.

My husband is working at a job he drives 1 hr each way. At the end of the day he is so tired.  At our age we had hoped to be on our plan to retire.  Thanks to the economy 
he has had to look for other jobs.  Leaving the ones behind that he worked hard to bring us to the point of retirement.  We are grateful he has a job to go to every day.  But how long will this keep?
So I am getting off track....Maybe my problem.

My confession ...I hope....will make be hold myself accountable to me and you to loose some weight.

I love to read about food recipes, craft how too and now I find lots of fix it how too.  Avery cool one yesterday was about keeping your pumpkins longer when carving for Halloween. Put those silicone gel packs in that come in pocketbooks and shoes.  Very cool.

I'm going to try to carve out some time to exercise.
I hope to take my vitamins on a regular basis. 
Stay away from my guilt...eating ice cream.
Eat better and not so late at night.

This morning I weigh 143.   8-6-12.

So on day one I hope to find the courage and strength
to keep up with my goal.

Any help or suggestions?

To all have a very blessed day.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


While I'm talking about fairy gardens, I have to share with you another fairy.  Nine years ago we went to a Celtic festival in Ohio.  That is where I got the Harp fever and heard.....
                                            "fairy tales".
They were so interesting. As we were walking I saw a lady dressed up like a fairy.  I had to stop her and ask her why.  Just because, was her answer.  So I had to get a picture of me with her.

Another spot that they had was this beautiful pond.  Must have been the right time of the season because as you can see it was full of beautiful color.

We had a wonderful time.  The vender's were awesome too.
Think we need to make another trip this year.  Glad I thought about this memory.

Have a great day.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Flight of The Fairy

The Flight of The Fairy


Do you ever dream of Fairies?

I don't either.

Do you ever pretend about fairies?

I do.

After visiting a Celtic Festival  in Ohio 8 years ago, my life changed with Fairies and Harp music.  I soon got my first harp and started pretending about fairies with my children.  I still play my harp and for the first year I worked on a fairy garden.  I just created what I thought would be a good place for the fairies to hide.  Then a few weeks ago I went to my first lesson on making a fairy garden and saw all the furniture you could get to decorate your garden.


Above is a picture of my Fairy Garden.  I've added 2 items to it and changed it around some.  But no update picture.


These two gardens were inside the nursery.  I like the  mini violets in them.


 This last photo would be like the working class fairies.  Smaller and common homes.

The very top photo looks like a castle.  The mother of all fairies must live there.  Or maybe she is the tooth fairy and has more money.  :)


I went to another Fairy demo today.  It's funny how I find them popping up all the time.  After seeing what the Master Gardeners are putting together ... I think we garden lovers are doing a great job.  By the way it was 102 today.  Didn't stay very long to look around. The had a huge Lilly garden of over 600 varieties.  The heat was way too much so we decided to go after seeing a few.  We did have a nice time together.   With our drought the Lilly garden was not that full of color. 

Sweet Dreams And Blessings To All.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


A Day Of Fun.

I set out on this fine warm morning to see what the garage
sales might hold for me.  Instead I found myself looking
at landscape.  The first one I didn't even think of
taking any pictures.  Why should I?   I was looking for
stuff.  But when I came to the second one
I had to ask if I could take a pic or two.  She was very surprised.

She said yes and led us to some nice conversation. 

This flower to the right was as bid as my hand wide opened.
This started my mind gasping with joy.  She told me that they
weren't as big as they have been.  And this led her to show me the one
in her back yard.

 I must say this one wasn't as impressive as the other one but
I was happy a stranger let me talk flowers with her.  And her deck was so
lovely.  I didn't dare as to take a pic of that unless I wanted her to call 911
on me.

My next adventure took me to our antique mall which my brother and sis-in-law
have 2 booths.  Went to see what they had new.  As I was looking at all the booths
I found this cute little red wagon.

 I looked it over and walked away.  I came back and looked at it again.
walked away.  Then I said...what the heck.  It's mine.  Only $19.00.
I thought it was a good deal.  And I really wanted it.

In the same booth was this picture.  I thought it was very interesting.
What was she looking at?  Or...What was she thinking of?  Hmmmm
maybe a fling with her boyfriend last night.  And momma is looking out the window for that scoundrel.  I passed on this one. 

I had to take a pic of this.  My mom always talked about these dolls.  It was
is good shape but I didn't want it.

And just as I had thought my 3 year old grandson would love to tug the wagon around.
In fact that same day he wanted to pull it around the sidewalk.
And guess what?  He stubbed his big toe and I had to pull him home in the wagon.
See how perfect his arm is to pull.  I am a little taller and my arm is a little longer.
So yes I had to bend over a lot.  My poor back.  By that time of the day it was up
in the 90's.  Time to go home and fix the toe.

I had a good day all in all.

Keep cool.  today it will be hot again and tomorrow we hit the 100's.

Thank you for reading and Blessings to all.

Friday, June 15, 2012


Time does pass to quickly.
Morning comes and you make 
your "TO DO" list and before you know
it the day is gone.  Each morning brings a
fresh chance to start all over again.

And again and again.  But when you
accomplish your list how free it makes
you feel.

My Lovely mother turns 80 on June 23.

This pic was taken 5 years ago on Easter with 
my oldest daughter and my grand son.  We all 
have aged. But youth has helped the two on the left.
Mom and I ...well.  You know us women.  I need to exercise 
and mom's age is starting to take a tole on her.
Aches and pains don't let us get out and play like we once did.
No hours of shopping.  No trips to other towns.
I feel robbed from spending the time with her that we once did.
But I do know we need to enjoy the time we have right now
and each and every day. 

My Sib's and I are throwing her a small party to celebrate
her turning 80.  I have asked all my friends and 
church members to send a card to her.
Hopefully to my house so she can have a 
huge surprise with all the cards. It will be such fun. 

I'll post pics of the adventure when it's over.  I 
have an update photo of mom but I 
didn't upload it before I started.  Another thing to 
put on my  "TO DO"  list.

Hope all your "to dos" get accomplished this weekend.  
If not...
May God grand us all another day to have a

Blessings and Love to all.