Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Flight of The Fairy

The Flight of The Fairy


Do you ever dream of Fairies?

I don't either.

Do you ever pretend about fairies?

I do.

After visiting a Celtic Festival  in Ohio 8 years ago, my life changed with Fairies and Harp music.  I soon got my first harp and started pretending about fairies with my children.  I still play my harp and for the first year I worked on a fairy garden.  I just created what I thought would be a good place for the fairies to hide.  Then a few weeks ago I went to my first lesson on making a fairy garden and saw all the furniture you could get to decorate your garden.


Above is a picture of my Fairy Garden.  I've added 2 items to it and changed it around some.  But no update picture.


These two gardens were inside the nursery.  I like the  mini violets in them.


 This last photo would be like the working class fairies.  Smaller and common homes.

The very top photo looks like a castle.  The mother of all fairies must live there.  Or maybe she is the tooth fairy and has more money.  :)


I went to another Fairy demo today.  It's funny how I find them popping up all the time.  After seeing what the Master Gardeners are putting together ... I think we garden lovers are doing a great job.  By the way it was 102 today.  Didn't stay very long to look around. The had a huge Lilly garden of over 600 varieties.  The heat was way too much so we decided to go after seeing a few.  We did have a nice time together.   With our drought the Lilly garden was not that full of color. 

Sweet Dreams And Blessings To All.

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