Friday, July 24, 2009

It's a fuzzy world for me.

This is another test to see if I have this working or not. My first grandson Parker. He must be about 1 year old. He doesn't have that curly hair now. As a baby he looked just like his mother. Now he looks and acts just like his father.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Last summer I planted this white rose from my daughter. It bloomed all summer long. I was able to keep the bugs off even those darn Japanese Beatles. I also planted a pink rose and this year she gave me a lavender rose. Another flower that I LOVE are Peonies. Their life spans is way to short. They bloom in the spring in our rainy season and they always get stomped down. If you don't pick them before the rain then they fall to the ground and fall apart.


These tulips are by my pack patio. I squirrel must have planted them because I didn't. Each year the get bigger and better. Flowers are just one of my passions. They bring me peace and calm. Following a butterfly to capture it on film is always fun. I love the scent of these pink flowers because they have a cinnamon smell like carnations.

This is a card I made for a friend for New Year 2009.
I made some really cool cards for Christmas but didn't take pictures. You should always save one of your best cards or take a picture for review. This I made after joining and looking at all the talent has to offer. I hope to gather pictures of cards I have sent to post later.

This is my Favorite teacher. I went there just to see and hear her. Her name is Pamela Bruner. She plays standing up. This is the teacher that broke into the church to gain access. I'm guessing she knew her way around. Her husband make the harps she plays. I wanted to buy one of her harps. But after playing one I wasn't so sure. the company is called Hartland Harps. She has good music to relax to and drift off to sleep in a peaceful way.

This is our teacher from Ireland, Janet Harbison. She had us all playing a tune that could be played in the Titanic. She was so funny. She has over 50 - 65 people playing a song together in 1 1/2 hrs.
I have been learning to play the harp for the past 5 years. This last fall I get to go to my first harp retreat. It was set in the hills of North Carolina with such great teachers, even one from Ireland. The weekend was full of many talents, such great food and good music. On one night we had a concert that we were locked out of the church. One of the teachers broke into the church and the concert went on. That was a blast. I have added some of my pictures for your enjoyment.