Wednesday, July 18, 2012


While I'm talking about fairy gardens, I have to share with you another fairy.  Nine years ago we went to a Celtic festival in Ohio.  That is where I got the Harp fever and heard.....
                                            "fairy tales".
They were so interesting. As we were walking I saw a lady dressed up like a fairy.  I had to stop her and ask her why.  Just because, was her answer.  So I had to get a picture of me with her.

Another spot that they had was this beautiful pond.  Must have been the right time of the season because as you can see it was full of beautiful color.

We had a wonderful time.  The vender's were awesome too.
Think we need to make another trip this year.  Glad I thought about this memory.

Have a great day.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Flight of The Fairy

The Flight of The Fairy


Do you ever dream of Fairies?

I don't either.

Do you ever pretend about fairies?

I do.

After visiting a Celtic Festival  in Ohio 8 years ago, my life changed with Fairies and Harp music.  I soon got my first harp and started pretending about fairies with my children.  I still play my harp and for the first year I worked on a fairy garden.  I just created what I thought would be a good place for the fairies to hide.  Then a few weeks ago I went to my first lesson on making a fairy garden and saw all the furniture you could get to decorate your garden.


Above is a picture of my Fairy Garden.  I've added 2 items to it and changed it around some.  But no update picture.


These two gardens were inside the nursery.  I like the  mini violets in them.


 This last photo would be like the working class fairies.  Smaller and common homes.

The very top photo looks like a castle.  The mother of all fairies must live there.  Or maybe she is the tooth fairy and has more money.  :)


I went to another Fairy demo today.  It's funny how I find them popping up all the time.  After seeing what the Master Gardeners are putting together ... I think we garden lovers are doing a great job.  By the way it was 102 today.  Didn't stay very long to look around. The had a huge Lilly garden of over 600 varieties.  The heat was way too much so we decided to go after seeing a few.  We did have a nice time together.   With our drought the Lilly garden was not that full of color. 

Sweet Dreams And Blessings To All.