Sunday, September 23, 2012

Capture the Heron


I visit my mother at her apartment and we like to check out the pond to see what kind of water fowl might be visiting for the day. The one we like to see the most is the Blue Heron.

While it rests to the side of the bank we check it out first.
When it senses us near it will take that ever so slow walk away and hide.

The other day I was able to capture it before it left the pond.
Although it did see me and turned away, it took me 3 tries to get
some good pictures.  Hiding by the house to sneak a picture of a bird found me laughing to myself.

 Doesn't it look like he's looking at me and saying "Not Again"
                          This is my sneak attack standing by the house.

And at last he headed to the far side of the pond.  I felt it was time to let him rest till the next time I plan my attack.

Maybe a tripod will help to get a closer pic.  So hard to hold the camera still and hope to get a clear shot.

It was a good day to be birdwatching. 

Maybe I'll capture him dancing on the ice next time.

God Bless.

Monday, September 3, 2012

What a day.

I'm ready to get in my very soft and cozy bed.
It has been a relaxing Labor day in  our house.
Although I did go to work for a few this morning.

Today is trash day.  They pick up even CHRISTMAS.
Can you believe that?

I had one more bag to throw in before they came.  What's that  I hear?
The sound of the truck right outside.  I quickly throw on shorts over my nighgown
slip on a jacket and off I go.  Well Hubby didn't take it out last night so I
ran back up to the house to grab the can.  Pushed it into the street so he wouldn't
take off without seeing it.  All went well.  He picked it up and I grabbed  my can,
turned around and fell right smack in the street.  OUCH!

Not only did I feel dumb .....but it hurt. 

I came in and lick my scrapes and sobbed a few tears and went back to 
making my sleeping family fresh banana muffins.

After work I allowed myself a little nap.  Gaining energy for 

I hadn't done this for a long while so I had to brush up on the process.
I must say it went well except one jar lost a lid and made a small mess in 
the cooker.  Not too bad for the way the day started out.

I am feeling a little sore.  I don't want to know how I'm going to feel in the morning.

So off to bed and hope I can move after being still for a few hours.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fall is in the air


Last night my hubby called me outside to see a surprise plant growing in our compost.  
What can you see?

Do you see something that looks like rabbit ears?

After my Amaryllis didn't bloom last year my hubby
put it in the compost pile.  Yep stuck on top of all the dirt, coffee
grounds, egg shells and whatever else, it's growing.
So now the question is, will it grow inside or not?
Will it bloom or not?  Do I cut it back?  I'll have to 
ask my friend that has a nursery.

Growing anything in the garden this year was a task.  
With all the heat and lack of rain things just came to a standstill.
The darkest patch is a pumpkin growing.  We have a few and 
they are very small.  But if they grow our grand kids will
each have one this fall.

These guys are still very small, but with the help
of Gods rain, we will enjoy some color of fall. 

Go out and enjoy the blessings. 



Well we had our "Blue Moon" last night.  I did manage to take a few pictures.

I don't know why I'm up so early today.  I could go back to sleep.  I've got
tomatoes  to can today.  The first time in a long time I have had enough to can at 
the same time.  I can't pass this up.  I look over my shoulder and it's still dark.  But my mind
is calling
C O F F E E.


SEPTEMBER sounds so much a part of "summer is over".

I have this thing with my Hoosier body and mind.  When it is time for a season to change I
just fall into it.  If the weather isn't in that place I still feel the change of the season within.
I don't think I could manage to live in another State that didn't have the change of our 
4 seasons.  I love the change of each blessing it brings.  I've
seen 2 trees that have started to change colors.

~let it begin~