Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Energy of Youth

I see my Grandchildren with the energy of youth. One 5 years and the other 4 months old. The eyes of the 4 month old , Gage, is always looking for something new. ( Well everything is new to him.) But with a fresh awareness of it all. Like looking at the outside. The sun, shadows, the green color of the trees and grass. He looks at it with newness. He cant get enough of it. It's hard to pull him away. Or is it just me looking at it in a new way?

When I lay on the couch and my 5 year old grandson, Parker, lays beside me to watch TV. I enjoy it because I know some day all to soon he wont want to do that. And all I will have is the memory. Sunday he got into bed with me and it all I could do to wake up. How special it was for him to do that.

At times I want to just lay my head on my mom's shoulder and let her know I Love her. Just in that small act of closeness. But I am a woman of 56, and we don't do that. Some day I will regret my not doing it. I love my mother and it is now time that I take care of her at times. I see her time getting closer to the end.
Not tomorrow or next week or even in a year, but the energy of youth is passing. I feel it in myself too.
The get up and go is slower. The bounce back of an extra long shopping day is dragging me down. Not much speed left on these feet my friend. I am in 2nd gear. But that is OK. I watch my pace and try to get it all back with a good nights sleep.

Which leads me to an end of another late night blog. Time to get energized. Good Night. 9-15-2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I have a very dear friend that I miss so very much. She lived next door. Sandy is her name. She showed me many things about gardening and Love. She has a blog on her art. I was visiting it tonight and found my blog listed as one she visits. How touching it was to me. I Love you dear friend. She has given me 4 paintings that I will love forever, and another that I contracted her to paint for me. They are a big part of my everyday.

I don't plan these blogs out very well. For if I did I'd have pictures of her paintings to show. Maybe when I get time I can do that.

Like now, it's 12:30 am and I should be in bed. I have a BIG day tomorrow. My husband gets in the shower at 5:30 am and I always wake up. Once that happens I can't go back to sleep. After the little ones go to bed and the bigger ones are off studying I get this energy. The alone time is so welcoming. Peace. Calm. Relaxation. So off I go to bed until another post, God Bless.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Today is Sep. 1, 2009. What a beautiful day it is. Temps in the 70's, Blue skys and I have the day off. If I could have a wish for today it would be for time to stand still for me. I'd read on my swing, go to my craft room, play the harp, play with my Grandkids, clean house and watch a movie or two, Got to the grocery (so I can come home, put it away, cook it and then clean it up.) Well as long as time is standing still we might at well have the food cooked and the mess cleaned up for me. Anyway you got the picture. A lot to do and less time on the clock.

Back to reality. Cleaning must be done and so off I go.

Have a great day & God Bless.