Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fall is in the air


Last night my hubby called me outside to see a surprise plant growing in our compost.  
What can you see?

Do you see something that looks like rabbit ears?

After my Amaryllis didn't bloom last year my hubby
put it in the compost pile.  Yep stuck on top of all the dirt, coffee
grounds, egg shells and whatever else, it's growing.
So now the question is, will it grow inside or not?
Will it bloom or not?  Do I cut it back?  I'll have to 
ask my friend that has a nursery.

Growing anything in the garden this year was a task.  
With all the heat and lack of rain things just came to a standstill.
The darkest patch is a pumpkin growing.  We have a few and 
they are very small.  But if they grow our grand kids will
each have one this fall.

These guys are still very small, but with the help
of Gods rain, we will enjoy some color of fall. 

Go out and enjoy the blessings. 

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