Wednesday, June 27, 2012


A Day Of Fun.

I set out on this fine warm morning to see what the garage
sales might hold for me.  Instead I found myself looking
at landscape.  The first one I didn't even think of
taking any pictures.  Why should I?   I was looking for
stuff.  But when I came to the second one
I had to ask if I could take a pic or two.  She was very surprised.

She said yes and led us to some nice conversation. 

This flower to the right was as bid as my hand wide opened.
This started my mind gasping with joy.  She told me that they
weren't as big as they have been.  And this led her to show me the one
in her back yard.

 I must say this one wasn't as impressive as the other one but
I was happy a stranger let me talk flowers with her.  And her deck was so
lovely.  I didn't dare as to take a pic of that unless I wanted her to call 911
on me.

My next adventure took me to our antique mall which my brother and sis-in-law
have 2 booths.  Went to see what they had new.  As I was looking at all the booths
I found this cute little red wagon.

 I looked it over and walked away.  I came back and looked at it again.
walked away.  Then I said...what the heck.  It's mine.  Only $19.00.
I thought it was a good deal.  And I really wanted it.

In the same booth was this picture.  I thought it was very interesting.
What was she looking at?  Or...What was she thinking of?  Hmmmm
maybe a fling with her boyfriend last night.  And momma is looking out the window for that scoundrel.  I passed on this one. 

I had to take a pic of this.  My mom always talked about these dolls.  It was
is good shape but I didn't want it.

And just as I had thought my 3 year old grandson would love to tug the wagon around.
In fact that same day he wanted to pull it around the sidewalk.
And guess what?  He stubbed his big toe and I had to pull him home in the wagon.
See how perfect his arm is to pull.  I am a little taller and my arm is a little longer.
So yes I had to bend over a lot.  My poor back.  By that time of the day it was up
in the 90's.  Time to go home and fix the toe.

I had a good day all in all.

Keep cool.  today it will be hot again and tomorrow we hit the 100's.

Thank you for reading and Blessings to all.


  1. Hi Teresa,

    So glad you stopped over, I thought I would pop in for a visit. I love your Clematis it is one of my favourite flowers. That wagon is adorable glad you went back for it, I had one like that when I was little. Some things never change, kids still like to pull wagons around.

    have a nice day,

    1. Thanks you Sue for the visit. Have a wonderful day.

  2. I love that little wagon! So sweet.

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