Friday, June 15, 2012


Time does pass to quickly.
Morning comes and you make 
your "TO DO" list and before you know
it the day is gone.  Each morning brings a
fresh chance to start all over again.

And again and again.  But when you
accomplish your list how free it makes
you feel.

My Lovely mother turns 80 on June 23.

This pic was taken 5 years ago on Easter with 
my oldest daughter and my grand son.  We all 
have aged. But youth has helped the two on the left.
Mom and I ...well.  You know us women.  I need to exercise 
and mom's age is starting to take a tole on her.
Aches and pains don't let us get out and play like we once did.
No hours of shopping.  No trips to other towns.
I feel robbed from spending the time with her that we once did.
But I do know we need to enjoy the time we have right now
and each and every day. 

My Sib's and I are throwing her a small party to celebrate
her turning 80.  I have asked all my friends and 
church members to send a card to her.
Hopefully to my house so she can have a 
huge surprise with all the cards. It will be such fun. 

I'll post pics of the adventure when it's over.  I 
have an update photo of mom but I 
didn't upload it before I started.  Another thing to 
put on my  "TO DO"  list.

Hope all your "to dos" get accomplished this weekend.  
If not...
May God grand us all another day to have a

Blessings and Love to all.

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  1. Hi Teresa ~ thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment. I can't believe your Hobby Lobby has Christmas stuff out already! Happy birthday to your mom - I hope she enjoys her party.