Monday, August 6, 2012

Thinks I can't control

Do you have things in your life that seem out of control?
I dedicated my younger years to raising my 3 girls.
I loved it every minute.  When life gave you one challenge.. 
you took care of it.  Maybe longer to find out how to, but it always worked out.  Then came another one. (laughing)

Things just always worked.

At this time I could also eat whatever I wanted.
hum hum....
Not anymore.  I have put on 34 lbs since my first child.
They say you add 1 pound for every year you are out of school.
She turned 32 this July.  I noticed 7 years ago I was putting weight on in the middle.  Upper tummy and tummy.  I think about it every day....but do nothing about it.  I'm not fat...but have body fat.

I guess this is my confession to myself and anyone that reads this blog.  Which isn't much.  I don't blog much or exercise much or practice my harp playing because I find myself wrapped up in taking care of others....still.

My husband is working at a job he drives 1 hr each way. At the end of the day he is so tired.  At our age we had hoped to be on our plan to retire.  Thanks to the economy 
he has had to look for other jobs.  Leaving the ones behind that he worked hard to bring us to the point of retirement.  We are grateful he has a job to go to every day.  But how long will this keep?
So I am getting off track....Maybe my problem.

My confession ...I hope....will make be hold myself accountable to me and you to loose some weight.

I love to read about food recipes, craft how too and now I find lots of fix it how too.  Avery cool one yesterday was about keeping your pumpkins longer when carving for Halloween. Put those silicone gel packs in that come in pocketbooks and shoes.  Very cool.

I'm going to try to carve out some time to exercise.
I hope to take my vitamins on a regular basis. 
Stay away from my guilt...eating ice cream.
Eat better and not so late at night.

This morning I weigh 143.   8-6-12.

So on day one I hope to find the courage and strength
to keep up with my goal.

Any help or suggestions?

To all have a very blessed day.


  1. You are so not fat.
    The part about your husband.....I could have written the same things. We expected to be in a lot different place right now. So wishing my hubby could retire....but it's not happening. But we are thankful he has a job, one hour away, not enough $, but it is a job.

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I'll keep our hubbys in my prayers for a good retirement age. :)

  2. Ummm, I am 5'2" and you are at my goal weight. I can't even type where I am starting. I raised five kids, born within seven years. I thought once they grew up, my life would get easier. Instead I am dealing with elderly parents who behave worse than my children ever did. I have had to quit my job to deal with financial and medical issues for them. I have worked all my life and it is driving me crazy to spend all this money with no money of my own coming in. I am grateful my husband is working and is able to provide for both of us. We had hoped to retire in about five years and I don't know how all this will affect our plans.

    You are not alone! I wish we could all have a week of bliss - just to revive us :)

    1. Thank you for your visit. Taking care of elders isn't all that easy. I also help my mom out. She doesn't drive and she feels like she is in the way. Wish I would give her more time then I do. Life is full. We have to see the sunshine in it.