Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Good Sunny Morning Friends

I am still at the same weight as 2 days ago.  But the Fluff
around the middle doesn't feel as tight.  HAHA

I've been good at what I eat.  I did have some ice cream last
night.  But it was a small bowl.  REALLY!

(my true confection) 

I have been proud of myself in getting more done on my 
"TO DO" 
 list.  I find if I write it down it makes me keep up
with all that is most important.   
I LOVE to see them checked off.

A week ago Monday 2 of my 3 daughters and I went to a zoo up North.
Oh yes...we took their boys.  I walked for over 4 hrs.  I didn't feel too tired
till the next day.  Like a hangover.  Not bad, just felt I had lost some energy.  
Lagging in pep.  In this pic. we were on the Indiana Farm life.  I was welcoming 
you all to my house.  I know.  It's fun to be silly.

Isn't this Peacock  BEAUTIFUL.
He just strutted himself for all to see.  Calling for his mate to
come and see how very sharp he looked.
We had a great family time.  Wish we would have had someone take of pic of us all.
Off to another GREAT last day of Summer.
When you plant a seed of Love,
it is you that blossoms. 
God bless your day. 

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  1. I recently went to the zoo with my son, 2 DIL's and four of the grands. The heat did me in for sure. I finally sat for awhile in the shade and let the finish up visiting the animals. It was a fun day. It does hit you later in the energy dept. for sure. But fun times, for sure.