Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sunshine on my Shoulder

Today is a very SUNNY but COLD day.

I had no grands to watch today and yesterday.
So I thought.  My youngest daughter called and asked
if I could watch her 3 year old. (yesterday)  He had a fever and not feeling
well.  I said yes.  Even tho I had the day planed to do so many "ME" things. 
I was sad but I also love to help out with the little grands.
And beside....When I said Hi.. he started to cry.  Wanting
me to comfort him with cuddles and love. My heart went out to him.

When I picked him up he said
"Grandma I'm much better"
Me: Do you want me to take you to school?   
Him: No I want to go to your house.
And so off we went with him and his 2 chi dogs.
My Grand dogs.  One peed on me because she also
loves to go to Grandma's.

As the day went on he started feeling worse.
Fever rose and at the end of the evening I got 
thrown up on. 

Not the day I had planned.
But I made it. Now I'm listening to
my body to see if I get the flu.
I hope not.  I had a cold last weekend that kicked
me and I am still under the weather.

I think I'll enjoy some Sunshine, read a book and get
back to the cleaning later.

Keep in good health my Friends. 


  1. Hope you are still feeling healthy! Isn't it funny how plans can go awry? But you can never say no to those special grandchildren - or granddogs!

  2. Oh, how wonderful to be able to comfort the little lovey! I am like you, I can't say no and to have them snuggle you, there is nothing better! Hope you don't get sick.

  3. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I LOVE that you and I share an affection for Martha's copper cookie cutters. PLEASE promise that you'll bake with them soon and blog some photos too! :)

    Sending you always my best with thanks for reading along!