Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Brunch filled with Love


I have 3 beautiful daughters.  One lives out of town, one in town and one still lives at home with us.  I have decided to have a
 Mother's Day Brunch
with those that can come.  Along with my 
Lovely Mother that will turn 80
this summer.  For us it will be a great
time, an a Kodak moment. 

Mom and I were shopping last week and we
had the same thought. Which often happens.
We got each other roses.

Below is a Knock Out Rose bush from my Hubby.  

A few of my friends have these and are always beautiful.
Full of blooms all rear.

Looks like I should have rotated pictures before I added them.
Just another thing I need to learn about all this blogging.

Many Blessings and much Love  to all you Mothers out there.
Thank you for your visit.

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