Sunday, May 27, 2012

~~Memory of a Friend~~

 ~~Memory of a Friend ~~

On this Memorial day of 2012 I not only remember those who have fought in the wars to keep the USA free but a dear friend who passed away 2 months ago.  Even though she was 77 years old, she was a young 77.  

It just happened one night.  Not feeling her best with a cold she was trying to shake for a few weeks. Her daughter spent time with her the night before she passed.  Not know this would be her last time to embrace and kiss her goodnight.

She was a dear friend to us all.  The last time I spent time with her I told her how much of a good friend she was to me.

She had just picked out a new bedspread and some lovely pillows to match.

We would spend many hours at this table talking about all kinds things.  Kids, Grand kids, Shopping, Cooking and my Crafting.

Now the table is set for one.

Her husband has taken it very hard.  Not very verbal about his loss, but you can tell by the words he doesn't say.
She was always there through the good and bad.  Doing for them all she could do.  Now he is finding out what a help she was.

Don't wait till it is too late to appreciate your partner.  Make each other aware of your love.  Thank God each morning for another day to mirror His Grace and Love.

I've always Loved this Angel.
And now it represents Her new life with her God and Mine. 

We Will Meet Again.
We Love and Miss You!

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  1. beautiful tribute, teresa:)

  2. Lovely memory of your friend. Prayers that you will all find peace soon.

  3. I'm so sad and sorry for the loss of your dear friend. Your post is a really beautiful tribute, with wise words!
    Thanks for stopping by my new blog - I really appreciate your comment :)
    xo, Kelly @ Flotsam & Feathers

  4. I'm sorry for your loss. It sounds like your friend was a great woman and will be missed by many.