Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saving the Flowers.

My oldest daughter is starting a new life.  She and her hubby are going their separate way.  She is moving into an apartment in 15 days.  We went to visit her today and I was told to dig up whatever I wanted.  She has 3 beautiful rose plants that are 6 ft tall.  She didn't do anything to them over the winter.  In Indiana we can have very cold and windy winters.  Hers have more blooms on them now then I think I have all summer.
I wanted to dig them up but thought it would be the death of me before the task was done.  So I took some cuttings.  Three from each.  I have pictures on my phone but don't know how to share them.  I'm such a techno geek.  I have so much to plant and I haven't even cleaned out my beds yet.

Maybe someone will show me how to post the pics and I will share with you.  So much I need to learn to make this blog what I want.

Have a great week.

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  1. Blesings to your daughter as she starts this new season of life. I probably would have been digging those bushes up, lol. They sound lovely -- we have cold and windy winters here in Nebraska too :)