Tuesday, March 13, 2012


What a beautiful day today.  The temps will be up to 69 or so.  It's so warm I 
decided to hang out some of my laundry. 

 No we don't have this much grass.  This Pic is from last year.  I can smell the fresh air
and feel the warm sun.
 The smell of clothes drying outside can give you the best sleep ever. 

Last summer I lost a rose bush over the winter.  But I worked with it and 
put it in a pot to look after.  Believe it or not It did make it.  I don't have good luck
with roses.  :(

Don't know how it will turn out this spring. The first year it was tall and had 
several blooms.  I had 3 really good bloomers in 2010.  It's sad to see them 
not make it.  I just don't know.  We did have a really bad winter in 2010.
This last winter was so very mild.  Maybe I'll be surprised.

Love to all you rose growers.  Hope to have better luck this year.

God Bless and send sunshine to all.

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  1. My roses are just getting ready to bloom. I have several bushes..some do better than others but I love roses so I keep trying. Patty