Tuesday, February 14, 2012

FEBRUARY 14, 2012

Forty one  years ago I was just a young girl of 17.  Getting ready to merry the love of my life.  He was kind of a "bad boy".  And I liked that.  But I was never one to go outside of the lines.  Color inside the lines.  We had our first date that evening.  Went to a car show with a friend.  We saw him there and hung out the whole evening.  It's all history now.

For the first time in our "history" I don't care about a card or gift.
Things have been rough money wise.  With the economy as it is we are thankful we have jobs.  He thanks God every day as he drives 50 miles to and from work.  To me that is my card of LOVE.  Why would he do this if he didn't love me and our growing family?

To me every day is Valentines Day.

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