Thursday, June 2, 2011

Deer and Swan

Two more things that should have been added to my last post. Deer and Swans.

Monday evening we looked out and A deer was standing just outside our back yard. We
went out to get a closer look. Carrying my 2 year old grandson, we made it out just in time to see it gallop away. My grandson was pretending to gallop away like the deer. Sweet an funny.

Over the years we have seen many deers roam the back field. One winter a BIG buck lay in the snow, so large and majestic watching while his wife and 2 yearlings grazed for food. Such a heartwarming feeling.

Another spring we saw many young deer and several mothers at the same time eating at the edge of the woods. That was a fun day. I think I counted 7 adults and several young.

Swans amaze me to no end. Don't know why. Just that grace they show. They look so loving but I know better. I guess they can be very mean.

Just another short blurp of my life. Take it or leave it. It's all me 100% pure love of nature and all mankind.


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  1. Teresa: Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! You made my day. It sounds like you are a wildlife lover! I like to observe nature, but from a nice distance. :) I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.