Sunday, December 18, 2011


One week from today and it will be Christmas morning.  The smell of coffee, fresh rolls baking and the excitement of the little ones waiting to open the gifts that Santa has left.  Knowing the real reason for this day will bring warmth to our heart and souls.  Gathering with Family with Love all around.  Because one little baby came to earth and showed us how we are to live.  It's easy to remember on this one day about kindness and forgiveness.  It's the rest of the year that we need to have the Love of Jesus in our hearts and remember not everyone has it as good as we do.  At ties we always want more, but just know someplace in this world, someone has it a lot less then we do.  Anyone reading my blog has a warm house to be in and electricity to run the computer.  So thank God for all we have and all we can be.  This world isn't what we want it to be these days, but each one of us can make it the best it can be if we just do our best, love each other and forgive as God forgives us all.


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