Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Some funny things have been going on with me.
I went to the doc. (yesterday) to pick up some scripts. I saw what I thought was a
really homely looking woman. I had to correct myself because that wasn't a nice thing to say. But this woman had on a skirt that was mid leg with white socks and boots. Kinda like olive oil, hair that was frizzy and standing up. As
she was looking down to the ground I started to feel sorry for her
and thought she must not have very much. To my surprise..She looked up.
It was a MAN. Or a young man. I had to laugh out loud. I wanted to take his picture.
But I thought it wouldn't be the best thing to do.

That late afternoon I went to get the groceries for Thanksgiving and the store was
packed. I couldn't even think. I got my turkey and something to fix for
supper and got out of there. Said I'd be back tomorrow.

That brings me to today. It's been raining so hard. I had to go to the doc. with my mother and back to the store. After her appointment I said I'm taking you home. I'll
pick up what you need when the rain slows down. Visited my local K-Mart and on my way to the car it was still pouring, but the gal next to me pushed her cart just to the side of my car. Now there was no way I could get out without hitting the cart.
I had to get out in the rain and move it. She never looked at me. I stood in the rain for a few extra seconds and she was too busy to look up. I'm sure she saw me.
Oh well.

I made it to Kroger after doing some other little stops. STILL RAINING. Oh
yes, yesterday I had to go out and get a shopping cart because they were all gone.
Today I got one before I went in and had to turn back. I even had a rag to wipe it down. Anyway I got my shopping all done and drove a block before I realized
I forgot to turn my lights on. It was 6:30, raining and very dark. What a goof.
But I must say I got it all done. I hope tomorrow will be a better day. Hope my pies don't burn and I get some good sleep. Oh did I say I woke up at 3 am?
No I forgot that. Well it's almost 11 pm with no nap. I hope I can sleep a
good and long sleep tonight.


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