Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The birth of spring

Spring is looking better every day. Even thought we had some snow and a little ice last week it went away really quick. Yes that is spring in Indiana. 18 more days till SPRING. And 19 more days till my youngest daughters Birthday. She will turn 25. I feel it's been so long ago. Now her baby is almost 2. This picture is right after birth. She had lots of drugs and some of the day was fuzzy. I got to be with her during delivery. I was so amazed at the process of birth from the other side. WOW...God is awesome. This little fella is walking and jibber jabbering all over the place. Such a joy to see my 2 grandsons playing together. I can't wait for spring and take them both out to play in the warm sunshine. Spring rain, mud and all, I'm ready.



  1. Well, spring is here and we had snow last night but fortunately it didn't stick. Enjoy your little grandson. I see you are from Indiana too. What part? I'm in Bloomington. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Have a wonderful Sunday, Teresa.
    All the best.... Donna

  2. Your grandson just a few months younger than my daughter! Enjoy him and your daughter's parenting journey. Thanks for your sweet comments today at my blog for the PC Blog Hop! Next time I'm in town I'll bring over some cookies...;)