Monday, June 14, 2010

Moments of the past.

I often find myself day dreaming of the way things use to be. Not too many things to do in a day. When the day ends you had time to sit and enjoy. Less things in the house. No computers or cell phones. Life just had time to relax.

It's hard to find that time now. It is always hurry to get one thing done and move on to the next. I've been falling of the past few days. More things to do then time in the day. 3 dogs, One child One grandchild and One (thank God) husband. That is just in our house. then the other 2 daughters, one son in law and the other grand baby. Boy do I have GREAT Grand Babies.

I want to go to the less stressful and more simple days. But then again I stayed home. I had more time then. Why do we fill our days with so much?

I want them back before I'm too old. Too bake for the grand kids and then send them home. hehehe. Getting older isn't just like I had thought. But it's my life as I know it and I shall enjoy and rejoice in what blessings I have.

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