Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Catching up on time

We had a birthday party for our middle daughter yesterday. She turned 26. Wow. I didn't have my first child till I was 26. She has an almost 6 year old son. She ha a lot going on for her. It was a beautiful sight seeing us all around the table. Two grand kids getting excited eating CAKE.

In 13 days my youngest will graduate from college. Hope she is able to get a job she is seeking.

And then in 9 days after that her son will turn one. HMMMM....He is getting practice eating cake before the big 1st birthday.

We have had strong winds for 4 days now. As long as the big storms stay away. It's time to get the hummingbird feeders out and call the little birds to eat.

The day is calling me to get off to work.

Blessings till we talk again.

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